They were used for everything from ferrying people and cargo to going to war. The design was more manouverable than that of the Norse boats and suited to both rough seas and shallow water. The boats were light, but could be weighted with ballast to make them more stable in rougher conditions and the shallow draught made them easy to haul out of the sea.(tratto da qui)Un versione più ritmata e rivisitata in chiave moderna è quella deiCapercaille i quali uniscono una piccola parte del testo precedente con un altro brano che mantiene sempre la stessa melodia eche si intitola fliuch an oidhche (in inglese the Night Capercaille in Delirium 1991 in una versione decisamente rock.

La coerenza educativa tra l’asilo nido e la scuola materna: verso un progetto educativo per l’età prescolare, Bergamo, Junior. Cerca con Google Catarsi, E. (eds)(1991). In azzurro pastello, seduta su uno speciale cuscino, tra Anna Wintour, direttore di Vogue America e artistic director di Condé Nast, e Caroline Rush, direttrice del British Fashion Council. La regina Elisabetta ha fatto la sua apparizione alla London Fashion Week. L la sfilata del talento Richard Quinn, vincitore del primo Queen Elizabeth II Award, riservato ai designer emergenti.

Times, Sunday Times (2007)Or realise you have not heard a robin singing for some time. Times, Sunday Times (2012)It contrasts sharply with the beautiful but rather dreamy song of any robins who are singing near by. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Most robins have stopped singing now.

Mishkin, Frederic S. Financial Markets, Institutions and Money (1995)Why do so many people classify themselves as a movement? Christianity Today (2000)Nearly two billion people worldwide are classified as either obese or overweight. Times, Sunday Times (2014)About a quarter of young people are currently classified as overweight or obese.

The Sun (2015)Something in their unconscious has flicked a switch to turn on symptoms that mimic serious illnesses. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The door is locked and the lights are switched out. Christianity Today (2000)At trick four West switches to a passive club and you win in hand.

The “live” sculpture on people that is ultimately presented as photography requires massive planning and is produced at a very high level octane of decision making on the day this is perfect condition wise for happy accidents. It always takes a day or so of space until I can review these as get exhausted from the adrenaline of making them. Films so far are also very much in the planning but like all the other mediums I use there is a visceral experience with the subject and performance within the work that can’t be planned for so is very exciting when I see the outcome..

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