Nel mio libro Almeno il pane, Fidel Cuba quotidiana nel periodo speciale si parla di un problema che la sinistra italiana vuole rimuovere. Una Cuba priva di libertà, dove per andare in galera basta essere in disaccordo con il regime. Fidel Castro è un dittatore e Cuba è uno Stato di polizia dal quale la gente scappa alla ricerca della libertà.

Così si riporta nelle note ballad probably originated about the middle of the 17th century when the Barbary pirates (known as Turks) raided shipping in the English Channel and even looted coastal towns. He transcribed and learned his version from a 1932 aluminum recording of one of the best American traditional singers, Horton Barker of Chilhowie / St. Clair Bottom, Virginia, in the collection of the Virginia Folklore Society.

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The basic teaching of Free Grace Theology is that responding to the “call to believe” in Jesus Christ through faith alone is all that is necessary to receive eternal life. This basic, simple belief brings assurance of “entering” the kingdom of God. Then, if a person further responds to the “call to follow” Jesus, he becomes a disciple and undergoes sanctification.

Le immagini e i testi inseriti in questo sito sono raccolti in rete e sono quindi considerati di pubblico dominio. Viene data attribuzione a testi e immagini laddove l sia riconoscibile. Qualora la loro pubblicazione violi dei diritti vogliate comunicarcelo per una pronta rimozione.

Times, Sunday Times (2011)That includes free delivery with a one hour time slot. The Sun (2013)If dissatisfied return unused within 7 days for a full refund minus express delivery charges. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Home delivery may be available in London.

Single Payer is a prime example of main stream media black out. Most people still have no idea what it means or how it can be used to reform health care in this country. The press have failed to cover what has got to be the most “human interest” stories out there people dying because they cannot afford health care, people going bankrupt because they cannot pay their medical bills, people loosing their health coverage when they loose their jobs where is the coverage???? They don’t cover it because the corporations that own the papers don’t want it covered, have ties to or are just loyalty to their fellow corporate pirates, the health insurers, and to tell one part of the story would beg the question, how do we fix this, which would inevitably lead to dismantling the health insurance companies..

The Golden Goose American Grill

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