The Sun (2013)Knee boots work providing they hug the calf and have a good solid heel. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Why is he so obsessed with solid foods? Times, Sunday Times (2012)It has had a solid base and the signings have added quality. The Sun (2016)We were very solid and strong and my keeper did not have to make a save.

Gli risposi che era irrealistico, ma lui insisteva: fatti avanti, e succederà. Alla fine consegnai la statuetta per i migliori costumi con Claudia Schiffer e Pierce Brosnan, indossando un abito che Gianni confezionò apposta. Al party, Meryl Streep venne a complimentarsi per l’eleganza..

Times, Sunday Times (2016)He wanted to study architecture, but he failed to win a scholarship. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It makes me laugh if foreign players fail to make an instant impact and the manager who signed him gets it in the neck. The Sun (2006)I had just spent my last buck buying a failing company.

But regular football could now be tempting. The Sun (2016)This is an issue anyone with daughters faces on a regular basis. Times, Sunday Times (2017)He will view this as the opportunity he has craved to cement a regular place. In , I described as my suggestion that punishment may mean the ultimate annihilation of the wicked rather than their eternal conscious torment. I would prefer to call myself agnostic on this issue, as are a number of New Testament scholars I know. In my view, the biblical teaching is not plain enough to warrant dogmatism.

The Sun (2010)We give each other gifts, eat dinner at a nice restaurant, and return to my apartment for dessert. Christianity Today (2000)My husband and daughter are now eating home cooked dinners and a lot of vegetables, which makes me feel good. The Sun (2006)This is just one question thrown up by the seating plan at the lord mayor’s annual dinner for the bankers and merchants of the City last week.

Lui non si capacita del perché lei gli racconti questi odiosi particolari della sua vita passata. ” Piangevo all che avrei dovuto rinunciare a vedere Nadja, no non l più potuta vedere. Certo non le serbavo rancore per non avermi nascosto ciò che in quel momento mi desolava, anzi gliene ero grato, ma che un giorno fosse potuta arrivare a questo qualcosa che non mi sentivo il coraggio di accettare” (pag.

Song tells the story of an expedition to smuggle tin across the border from Northern Ireland into what was then the Irish Free State, now the Irish Republic. In those days the word tinker meant a travelling tin smith and not a word of abuse. The tin used for soldering pots, cans, etc., was unobtainable in the southern part of the country, hence the smuggling.

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